Guild Wars 2 gold making tips

Hvordan kan man tjene lidt ekstra på WvW?


What are you doing in wvw? I’ve been doing some wvw lately but it seems my gold coffers are mostly stagnant


I convert my proofs of heroics into superior sieges and turn in my badges of honor in guild hall for those 50s worth guild upgrades and sell’em. With all the rank ups and random exotic drops daily, it’s the result.

Ved ikke helt om dette er brugbart, men lav dine daily crafts og sælg dem. Og så senere køb dem fra TP bid/buy.

Another new UI in the making….

Over the course of the many years I have played World of Warcraft, my UI have changed more times than I can count. I just love to play around with the position, the different elements and just general style of the interface. By doing that I have had alot of different placements of the elements. But some of em always end up the same place. I can no longer play with my Player and Target frame in the top left corner. I have to have em down in the mid-center of the screen. If they are not there I dont notice when my health drop to low levels… 🙂
By playing around with the UI, I have also made it easyer to see the important stuff, and tryed to remove or atleast move it out of the view field with the less important stuff.

As said I have made problaly over 50-100 UI’s through the years, some complete from scrath, some packs found on various sites. At the moment, I am using a base made by a guy called SkullFlower. Its based on the ElvUI package. And then tweaked and changed it to my liking. It is still a work in progress, but its getting better and better with the small tweaks I do on a daily basis.. 🙂

Will end this up with some screenshots of the UI.


Raid shot in combat :

Raid shot with debuff up :

Are you playing around with UI’s, then be more than welcome to share em with me so I can see em. Love to see others and get inspiration.

The Highmaul raid guide in 60 seconds


I just love the guys from Fatboss, so funny people and always kind and in a good mood on there stream and in there videos. And its always a pleasure to watch there raid video’s. They always come out with the 60 seconds guide to the raid instance. Yes, the whole instance in 60 seconds. So is there a boss you are struggling on or just want a quick rewind of the tacs before a LFR run through. Here is the only guide you need to see :